About Us

Kefi is a range. Kefi is a collection.
Kefi is a curiously assembled ensemble.

Kefi is jacquard. Kefi is hemp.
Kefi is sustainable to the very end.

Kefi is bold. Kefi is outspoken.
Kefi is edgy with the sharpest cuts.

Kefi is passion. Kefi is desire.
Kefi enables you to strut what you got with fire.

Kefi isn’t an obsession. Kefi don’t try to impress.
Kefi gives you the innate ability to rise and power dress.

Kefi isn’t one particular colour. Kefi feels a colour can change shades.
Kefi’s a rainbow. And rainbows are inclusive all the way.

Kefi isn’t ‘just a feeling’. Kefi isn’t a state of mind.
Kefi’s a state of being. Kefi’s a vibe.

Kefi is vibrant. Kefi is eclectic.
Kefi’s a fashion-forward celebration of life.

Who Are We

We believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment. To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is. So we make sure everyone has an equal chance to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from or what looks they like to boss. We exist to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.

Choice For All

Our audience (AKA you) is wonderfully unique, and we do everything we can to help you find your fit. We offer kefi products in more than 8 sizes – and we’re committed to providing all sizes at the same price – so you can be confident we’ve got the perfect thing for you.

Body Positivity

It’s important for us to promote a healthy body image – we’re not about conforming to any stereotypes – so we in 2022 we’ve decided to work with models of all sizes to represent our audience. And we’re not in the business of digitally altering their appearance either… there’s no reshaping or removing stretch marks here.


We’re serious about making sure every person in our supply chain is safe at work and has their rights respected and protected. We set high ethical standards and support our craftsmen to help them meet them. Our priorities include transparency; improving wages; health and safety; addressing and reducing modern-slavery risks.

We’ve set ourselves ambitious targets to reduce the impact we have on the planet and we’re always looking for new ways to get better.